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Our innovative software is tailored to the needs of businesses like yours, providing you with the tools you need to take control of your Facebook marketing and get the results you deserve.

Say goodbye to wasting money on expensive marketing agencies and hello to a more affordable and effective way to grow your business!

Effortlessly Create Captivating Ads in Just 3 Clicks

Discover an easier way to attract new patients through Facebook ads without the hassle. Say goodbye to ineffective marketing strategies and hello to targeted campaigns that yield better results.

You don't need any prior experience in design or advertising.

Select from a range of established solutions to begin promptly.

Modify and personalize the solutions to suit your specific needs.

Increase your leads with ads that are designed to convert.

Get Qualified Leads & Connect With Them Instantly

Find people who are ready for getting shaped up with targeted ads and bring them into your barbershop. Spend less time searching for patients and more time cutting hair.

Automate your personalized outreach and follow-up to connect with more people who are ready to book.

Achieve better results with a reduced number of missed opportunities.

Leverage our mobile app to communicate with all qualified leads immediately.

Trusted & Used By 100+ Businesses

See what they’re saying...

"I've tried other companies and either gotten too few leads, bad quality, or a bunch of no-shows. Now we get consistent leads, they show up, and many become clients. It's working great, and at a very affordable price."

"It's funny... I don't know how this thing works... but it's somehow knows how to find the people in pain, get their attention, and bring them in... it's amazing!"

"The absolute best company I've ever used, produced the most clients of any company I've worked with in 30 years in business."

Get Set Up In Minutes

Take advantage of a risk-free 14-day trial and receive a personalized one-on-one onboarding setup call, as well as access to individual support.

Learn why Corda Technology is a fantastic value proposition and how your barbershop can save significant sums by eliminating agencies for good.

Pricing Plans Built For Barbershops



Per Month

14 Day Free Trial

Countless Successful Campaigns That Can Effectively Get You New Clients

Mobile App To Connect With Qualified Leads

Chat and Phone Support



Per Quarter

Save 15%

14 Day Free Trial

Countless Successful Campaigns That Can Effectively Get You New Clients

Mobile App To Connect With Qualified Leads

Chat and Phone Support



Per Year

Save 25%

14 Day Free Trial

Countless Successful Campaigns That Can Effectively Get You New Clients

Mobile App To Connect With Qualified Leads

Chat and Phone Support

Who We Are

Giving Your Business The Leverage You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Our Story

After running into countless business owners in the past and realizing they all had a common pain point, we decided to step in and help them with our enterprise level software.

Our AI automations software helps businesses increase profits by streamlining operations, reducing costs, and providing valuable insights.

Today, local business owners we work with have the same systems as Fortune 500 companies when it comes to automations, campaigns, and follow up mechanisms to increase customer conversion by upwards of 60%!

Don't let manual tasks hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Frank - The Creator & Owner of Corda Technology

Frequently Asked Question

How much does Corda Technology cost?

$249 per month with a 14 day free trial

How does Corda Technology work?

We provide a user-friendly ad creation tool with established solutions, chatbots powered by AI for automated follow-ups, and targeted campaigns that attract and convert high-quality leads. Barbershops can conveniently tailor and personalize ads to meet their particular requirements.

Do I need any design or advertising experience?

No, you don't need any advertising or design experience to use Corda Technology. Our software is designed to be easy to use and provides various tested solutions for barbershops to choose from and personalize.

What results can I expect from Corda Technology?

By utilizing our software, you can anticipate a boost in leads, conversions, and scheduled appointments, while also reducing expenses on agency fees and other software subscriptions.

How does Corda Technology identify and target qualified clients?

By leveraging an array of tools and marketing channels, Corda Technology effectively identifies qualified and high-value clients. We concentrate on individuals who are more likely to benefit from your services and proceed with an appointment.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Corda Technology offers a highly efficient approach to attract new clients to barbershops with minimal input from the barber. Our customized methods have a track record of producing positive results, even though each barbershop and location is distinct. While we do not provide guarantees for our services, our impressive 95% customer satisfaction rate demonstrates our confidence in the value we provide. As a testament to our dedication to your success, we encourage you to try out Corda Technology with our 14-day free trial. We operate all our plans on a month-to-month basis, giving you the flexibility to terminate anytime. Witness firsthand the incredible difference Corda Technology can make for your barbershop today.

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